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A peace based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments would not be a peace which could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world. Peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind.

(From the UNESCO Constitution)


The Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism® was established to foster human relationships, understanding and respect for cultural diversities, through the respectful use of heritages (whether tangible or intangible) for the benefit of the conservation of heritage itself.

The main aim of the Institute is therefore the dissemination of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement, a cultural movement born from the research of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation of Florence and aimed at encouraging the development of the world in peaceful coexistence and respecting heritage, diversity and the planet Earth.
The tools used to spread the Movement are:

  • a diversified training offer that can be adapted to different territorial contexts on a global scale. More information ->
  • the LBT Model, an economic and cultural model that operates in the territories in favor of the territories themselves
  • the Certification for the Dialogue among Cultures – Life Beyond Tourism® DTC-LBT: 2018, addressed to all the actors of the territory who work to promote the development of ethical tourism and are oriented towards dialogue among cultures. More information ->
  • scientific publications, such as the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary, reserved for members of the Movement

This is the Institute’s contribution to bring peace to a world whose population is approaching 10 billion people.