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Paolo Del Bianco



Paolo Del Bianco (born August 2, 1945), is president of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, member of the ICOMOS Hungary Committee, member of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration, honorary member of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Mural Paintings, promoter and founder of Life Beyond Tourism Non Profit Portal, President of Centro Congressi al Duomo – CCAD Firenze and affiliate member UNWTO.
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Carlotta Del Bianco


Vice President

Carlotta Del Bianco is Founder Fellow and Vice President of the Florence based Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Life Beyond Tourism, an organization which collaborates with over 500 cultural and academic institutions worldwide.

In 2001 Carlotta graduated from the University of Florence in Human Letters with a specific interest in dress history. Prior to receiving her university degree she interned at the Stibbert Museum reordering their costume collection and following this experience she participated in cataloging the photographic archive of the Medici Burial Clothes.

Subsequently, her career path has taken her into promoting opportunities for international and inter-cultural exchanges among specialists and students in artistic and cultural fields. She was the project coordinator of an international seminar organized by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, in co-operation with the City of San Gimignano and the University of Florence entitled “Re-habilitation of the San Domenico ex-convent and ex-prison in San Gimignano” and is co-author of the conference publication A New Urban Identity: San Domenico in San Gimignano. Among numerous others events, she has developed and headed up the biannual Costume Colloquium which will have its Seventh edition in November of 2020.

Since 2006 she has had an active role in defining the ethos of Life Beyond Tourism and its Movement which is promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation. Carlotta has been until november 2018  the managing director of the Centro Congressi al Duomo which is a pilot project of Life Beyond Tourism ethos. At present she is President of Centro Studi e Incontri Internazionali based in Florence and aimed at promoting the internationalisation of cultural expressions.

Carlotta Del Bianco is an active member of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) Italian Committee. Since 2008 she has been the coordinator and liaison of the Italian youth committee of ICOMOS and the Foundation’s youth network.

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Corinna Del Bianco



Corinna Del Bianco, Florence 1986, graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with the thesis Jardim Filhos da Terra is now PhD student at the Politecnico di Milano (Pianificazione Architettonica Urbana e degli Interni).

Board member of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and member of the scientific committee of the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism. ICOMOS (International Council On Monuments and Sites) member since 2010. National referent and scientific coordinator for the Youth Forum of the 2014 Symposium “Heritage and Landscape as Human Values”, coordinator of the Florence Youth & Heritage Festival – official side event for youth of the GA.

Since 2009 she has worked with a variety of national and international architectural studios (CROS Architecture – Paris, MDU Architetti – Prato, Stefano Gambacciani Architetto – Florence, Stefano Boeri Architetti – Milan, Buro-Ole Scheeren – Beijing).

She has lectured at numberous cultural institutions and organizations (Associação Mutirão do Povres – San Paolo, Politecnico di Milano, Hong Kong University, Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation’s International Workshop – Florence, Josai International University – Tokyo).

She wrote and curated several articles and books on the two topics on which she is working: economical tourism LBT model and houses and identities in informal settlements, both studied within the urban context as strategies for a sustainable development of cities.
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Francesco Civita


Was born on September 6. Curator of the Eastern Section of the Stibbert Museum (Japan and Islam) and also hoplology Expert in the Middle and Far East (major in defensive weaponry). Associate of the National Research Council, Institute of Complex Systems, Honorary Inspector of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage for Siena and Grosseto for the Middle and Far East and Member of ICOMOS and ICOM.

Researcher for the application of the relationship between tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage and author of numerous exhibitions about the Eastern Countries and specialized texts. Supervisor of several conferences in the Japanese artistic and socio-anthropological field. Co-author of numerous scientific articles on the application of neutron diffraction applied to cultural heritage, the scientific analysis of the elemental composition of iron-based metal alloys and advanced research in the cultural field applications.
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Marc Laenen


Marc Laenen was trained in philosophy, classical philology, archaeology and art history. Before becoming Director of ICCROM in 1992, he was Director of the Open Air Museum of Bokrijk in Belgium for twenty years (1972-1992). He was also Director of the Bokrijk Estate in 1989 and President of the Regional Museum Council (1987-1991). He was Secretary General of the ICOMOS International Committee for Vernacular Architecture.
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Emma Mandelli


Last Director (2015-2016)

Emma Mandelli, is Professore of “Survey of Architecture and Environment” at the University of Florence. International publisher of scientific researches about survey and representation of historical architecture for its protection and conservation.

She is also National Director of the Italian School of PhD Doctoral Degree in “Sciences of representation and survey”. Member of the Managing board of UID (Unione Italiana Disegno). Head of the Faculty of Architecture in Florence for the relationships with Spain, Poland, Ukraine. Author of international scientific studies on survey and representation of historical architecture for protection and conservation.
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Sue Millar


Sue Millar is the President of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism (ISCCT) and ICOMOS representative for the UNESCO World Heritage Centre’s World Heritage Sustainable Tourism Programme.

As President of ISCCT she collaborated with ICOMOS Philippines in 2012 and an international conference was held in Vigan on the theme “Cultural Tourism for Community Development: 40 Years of the World Heritage Convention”; and with ICOMOS Thailand in 2013 participating as a keynote speaker at the Expert Symposium in Sukhothai “Living Heritage: Creative Tourism and Sustainable Communities”.

She is Director of an International Cultural Heritage Management Consultancy – Sue Millar Associates (SMA Consultancy) – based in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom focused on developing an integrated stakeholder approach destinated to planning and management – embending heritage protection (natural and cultural, tangible and intangible) and sustainable community development into conservation and tourism policies, planning and the visitor experience.
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Aurora Savelli


Scientific Advisor

Aurora Savelli, a historian specialising in the early modern period, is a researcher at the Istituto di Storia dell’Europa Mediterranea (Institute of Mediterranean European History, Cagliari – Rome – Milan) and a member of the research team with the European Project ReIReS – Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies. She is a member of the Editorial Board with the “Ricerche Storiche” journal and a member of the Scholarly Advisory Board to the Associazione Italiana di Storia Pubblica (Italian Association of Public History). She has been a Scholarly Advisor to the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism since 2016. Her research and essays focus mainly on control of urban space in cities of the ancien regime, and on the structures of grassroots and women’s associations. Together with Isabella Gagliardi, she devised and ran the international workshop Tra Gender e Public History: rappresentazioni e percorsi (Between gender and public history: representations and paths, 29 November 2017, Villa Finaly, Florence) and is curating two special issues, one for the “Storia delle donne” journal on gender and public history, and one for the “Ricerche Storiche” journal on the teaching of gender history.