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The LBT Model and the IILBT – International Institute Life Beyond Tourism

The Foundation’s contribution to dialogue among cultures is performed by the application of the LBT philosophy with its LBT Model, sided by the IILBT – that was born to make it happen and for a deeper understanding of the LBT Model.
To make it happen the formative path has great importance as it has to guarantee its development with clearness and awareness.

The Institute wants to divulge the knowledge of the Life Beyond Tourism philosophy, teaching the LBT Model (e) and siding its practical application to the benefit of the interested territories sensitising and giving the tools for development of the communities, contributing to adapt the LBT Model to the different realities through the creation of a “” and with the synergic action of the cultural heritage community –

The training activity is distinguished in two phases:

  1. THEORY – Development of Life Beyond Tourism Culture
    • Educational activity
      – University courses (starting with Josai in September 2015)
    • Practical – educational activity
      – Internships
      – Workshops
      – Lectures/Seminars
  2. PRACTICE – Development of Life Beyond Tourism Culture
    • Courses for the practical application on territories of LBT Model
      – informative courses in Florence (for the persons related to the decision area)
      – informative courses on site (for the persons related to the operative area – trainers)
      – assistance to the territory start up – according to the territory’s needs

ENCOUNTERS – link to the scientific world
The world of international institutions – GOs and NGOs – represents the possibility of expert advice for the institute
The involvement will follow the macro areas of nutrition, clothing and popular traditions