The International Institute Life Beyond Tourism

The International Institute Life Beyond Tourism® is an active place of research inside the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation which intends to pursue and implement the programmatic intents contained in the manifesto of Life Beyond Tourism® and enabling its application in the territories.
The structure, making use of professionals and scholars covering a wide range of disciplines, conducts activities of applied research, training and information courses, seminars, workshops and international conventions for the development of the LBT Model.

Meeting, education, knowledge, intercultural dialogue, globalization, travel, respect, diversity, culture, humanity, sustainability, development, support, funds, understanding, community, value, interpretation, presentation, tolerance, heritage, economy and territories: these are the keywords of the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism

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The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

The Foundation was established simultaneously with the fall of the Berlin Wall by the desire to bring young people of Eastern Europe – Eurasia, no longer with the force of a coercive policy, but with the involvement for cultural reasons, inviting them to participate in International working groups in Florence.
Through this activity, which today has extended to no less than 80 countries in all 5 continents, the Foundation created the orientation Life Beyond Tourism, to provide a virtual platform to the understanding between cultures based on key elements such as: Travel, Youth, Interculturalism, Cultural Heritage, Dialogue, Knowledge and Respect.

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Courses at the International Institute LBT

Methodologies of cultural observation - LBT

The aim of this course is to introduce to the Life Beyond Tourism cultural and economical model to observe territories and to represent them through a cultural mapping using the Heritage Community as a tool to collect and catalogue the information of each territory.

The course is given in English language.

Cultural and Practical LBT Model for a Respectful Travel - LBT

The course explains the LBT Model and gives the tools for a reading of the local territory in a Beyond Tourism way for its practical economical application on the territory where it is held. Creating the cultural bases to make a portal following the experience of the pilot portal

The course is given in English.

Certification for Intercultural Dialogue - Courses

During the intensive course students are introduced to the basic knowledge of tourism understanding pros and cons for local communities to deepen the aspect of cultural tourism through the best practice Life Beyond Tourism.
The course is an introduction to Life Beyond Tourism that can be studied more in detail in further steps.

The course is given in English.

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